NUMBER ONE Food To Eat For Health During Self Isolation!



Learn the NUMBER ONE Food To Eat to stay healthy during Self Isolation because it is the best food to reduce inflammation caused by excess Stress

Learn how to stay healthy during lockdown and sprout broccoli sprouts from scratch and discover the benefits of the Sulforaphane found in broccoli sprouts for reducing inflammation and fighting cancer. Leading edge research by Dr Rhonda Patrick, now tells us that the sulforaphane from broccoli seed sprouts has powerful antioxidants and detoxification elements and can reverse the signs of aging by; 

  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Reducing oxidative stress and improves liver function
  • Relieving depression
  • Increasing the body detoxification of airborne pollutants 
  • Protection against Alzheimer’s 
  • Helping fight against cancer
  • Boosting the antioxidant capacity of cells 
  • Improving brain function 
  • Protecting skin against UVA & UBA / sun damage
  • Lowering cholesterol 

STAY HEALTHY by consuming the worlds best superfood during isolation…

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Love watching your videos- a nice distraction in theses anxious times 💕
Oh God, thank you so much, my dear, sounds and looks amazing. Hope I can find the seeds here in London! I definitely want to try this! Thank you for all your work, you are a God sent.
wow good job keep it up...

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2 thoughts on “NUMBER ONE Food To Eat For Health During Self Isolation!

  • kay

    1 cup of broccoli sprouts contains about 30mg of sulforaphane. The daily requirement if you were to include sulforaphane in your diet would be around 400mg. That’s around 13 cups of broccoli sprouts! good luck eating that much! You might be better off including this compound in supplement form.

  • Tracy

    Love the videos and your ideas! My husband and I do your 15 min walking video together every day – we love it!
    Re the broccoli sprouts are these available from Amazon? We live in southern Spain 😊😎
    Thank you xx

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