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Millenials VS Baby Boomers

How do Millennials think compared to how our generation the Baby boomers and Gen X think? How will the rapidly changing new world will affect women over 50?

Meet my 23 year old son Nathan! He talks to us about his generation, the millennials, and the world around us from his point of view, and how it will impact women in their 50s.

He talks about virtual realty, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, robots, anxiety, social media depression and addiction, the education system, old belief systems and massive change….

I love listening to what he has to say and I hope you do to.

Warning!!! he is very pragmatic – just says it how he sees it.

You guys are amazing😘
Andressa Venâncio
Awwww bless you both from uk .
Nice talk! 👍
Saro Maliga

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