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Makeup Tutorial for Mature Eyes

Enjoy this over 50 eye makeup tutorial for mature eyes and learn how to make your eyes look bigger and brighter in your 50s – with Melbourne based Makeup Artist and blogger, Freshet Sahak.

I asked Freshta – What is your number one eye makeup tip for women over 50? She gives easy, actionable advice that you can try straight away…

Have fun experimenting with new makeup techniques and if it doesn’t work the first time, wash it off and try again.

As older women, we have to learn new techniques when applying makeup to keep up with whats happening to our constantly changing skin on our face. Learn how to master your eye makeup to keep you looking younger.

Its all about trying new things in our 50 and having fun along the way.

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  • monica emerich

    Thank you so much for these wonderful resources. You are inspiring and informative! I would love to hear about more natural, cruelty-free products, though. I try to find natural versions of the products you recommend, but sometimes with little luck. I did find a very nice natural, cruelty-free lotion, however, by a company called Nubian. I tried to find a natural nude eyeliner , but with little luck (Dr. Haushka has one but it is pricey). I just ordered one from a firm I never heard of — Honeybee Gardens (via Amazon). we shall see!

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