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Risk free when you trade a lottery ticket for Bitcoin! This video is for beginners who have little knowledge on where to start…And for those who may be fearful of making a big mistake.

My Son Nathan explains how to eliminate the risks associated with buying Cryptocurrencies… by trading your lottery spend on Bitcoin (or other Cryptocurrencies)

Most of us have purchased a lottery ticket and 99.99% of the time we loose our money…right? So if you invest your $20 into Bitcoin instead – your chance of winning just became far more realistic!

This is a suggestion only and a simple and inexpensive way for you to get into the game. I would love to think that you can make some serious gains on your money within the years to come…and if not you have not really lost anything if you have simply replaced lottery for Cryptocurrencies.

Please be advised that Nathan & I are not qualified financial advisors and we are not taking into consideration an individuals personal financial situation. Our views in this video do not constitute personal financial advice. We just love sharing our ideas and hope you enjoy 🙂

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This was wonderful and so timely. It's so funny because my 25 year old son and I are currently getting involved in crypto currency. We both found this video very helpful!! Thank you👍❤
Wow! Love stuffing money away! (Seriously) Schellea, we have to stop buying makeup and shoes! (-; Great video!!! Thank you for sharing! XO
Lydia Glassman
Lydia Glassman
I'm getting all these random emails about Bitcoin! Thanks for clearing up the mystery and I might actually buy some thanks😁
Keryn Gasparini
Keryn Gasparini

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