5 Minute KNEE Strengthening Routine To Fix Knee Pain In Mature Women | Fitness Over 50!

5 Minute KNEE Strengthening Routine

To Fix Knee Pain In Mature Women | 5 Minute Strengthening Routine Fitness Over 50!

5 minute knee strengthening routine to fix knee pain in mature women | fitness over 50! If you are experiencing knee pain as you’re getting older, it can affect your whole quality of life… We are able to make our knees stronger by working the muscles in our hips, our thighs and our calves… all the muscles that connect to the knee… and if these muscles strong, they take the pressure off the knee joints so that the pain is reduced and your mobility is increased.

If you have knee pain you’re not alone… 

In fact two thirds of women over the age of 50 are experiencing some form of knee pain… Do this knee strengthening routine and knee stretches, five days a week to really help your knee pain, and when your knees are feeling better you can reduce the frequency to 2 times a week.

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Here are my top tips…

  • Knee Circles to improve flexibility in the legs.
  • Heel Raises to stregthen the calf whch helps support the knee.
  • Straight Leg Raises to strengthen quad muscles.
  • Side Leg Raises are really great for strengthening the hip abductors.
  •  Knee Pillow Squeeze to strengthen the knees.
  •  Short Arcs to strengthen the quad muscles.
  • Bridge is one the most magical exercises that works your glutes and hamstrings.

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Thank you for this video! I already do the bridge exercise on a regular basis and you gave me some more ideas to incorporate into my workouts.
P.h. C.
P.h. C.
Thank you! I've been experiencing low back pain recently and started following some youtube exercises that really work. I am including your knee exercises in my programme now too.
I’m forwarding this video onto a friend who just had knee surgery a month ago. I think this is very gentle and easy to do ! Thank you for making this video
Carol Howard

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  • Sherrie P

    This knee routine =excellent~ But,I came here to make a comment about my general experience since starting Schellea’s routines about 2 wks ago: Unexoected little gift: While visiting mom this weekend, there was a concert at her place(health care facility- Mom’s almost 98!), when I applauded after each song performed, I noticed I was keeping my arms up to applaud longer than I have in-decades? So yeah, thanks for the arm workouts as well!!!

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