Strengthening Stretches For Your Back

STRENGTHENING STRETCHES FOR YOUR BACK HOW TO STRETCH ROUTINE! Strengthening stretches for your back – how to stretch routine! Enjoy this 5 minute stretching routine to sooth your back pain and relive any stored tension. This at home workout is low impact and can be done 2 or 3 times per week to help strengthen […]

Do This Every Morning To Lose Flabby Arms!

DO THIS EVERY MORNING TO LOSE FLABBY ARMS MORNING ARM WORKOUT TO GET RID OF BATWINGS…   Do This Every Morning To Lose Flabby Arms! Arm toning workout for women who want to get rid of their flabby arms and batwings…An at home workout with no equipment necessary… plus this is a low impact workout […]

Emotional Release Stretching Routine

EMOTIONAL RELEASE STRETCHING ROUTINE 8 Minute Emotional Release Stretching Routine For Women!   Emotional Release Stretching Routine! 8 minute emotional release gentle stretching exercises for women! This beginners stretch routine for women will assist you in releasing the pain and hurt that you may be hanging on to from past relationships, fear of not being […]

TONED ARM Workout For Women Over 50 | fabulous50s

TONED ARM WALKING WORKOUT TONED ARM WALKING WORKOUT targeting the arms and upper body strength For Women! Tone your arms arms and get rid of those Flabby Bat Wings forever! This 10 minute workout for toned arms is for for mature women over 50, requires no equipment and can be done as an at home […]

Indoor Walking Workout | STANDING ABS | Low Impact!

Workout For Women Over 50 During our 50’s our muscle mass is starting to decrease, thus doing strenuous workout can do more harm than good. Beginning in the early mid-40’s, our body can lose 3-5% of muscle mass within the next 10 years of life.  Muscle keeps us strong, without it we wouldn’t be able […]

5 minute thigh slimming workout

5-Minute Thigh Slimming Workout For Mature Women Over 50!

5 Minute Thigh Slimming Workout 5 minute thigh slimming workout for mature women over 50 to reduce thigh gap and strengthen your legs. This thigh toning workout for women is very doable but still challenging enough to burn fat and tone and strengthen your quads, hamstrings and inner thigh, and as women over 50 it […]

Indoor Walking Workout | Low Impact!

Indoor Walking Workout Indoor Walking Workout that’s Low Impact, fat burning and suitable for beginners! This workout for women over 50 will give results and it’s fun, plus you’ll love these walking exercises as they burn fat and tone your body at the same time. This 15 minute full body workout is designed for mature […]

This Exercise Claims To Predict When You Will Die!

Fitness over 50 This Exercise Claims To Predict When You Will Die! So if you want to live longer, take the sit resting test to determine how many points your current level of fitness scores. If you score low and not able to preform this exercise with ease, you’re chances of dying early and greatly […]