Before you get started on any butt firming exercise routine, you first need to make sure your butt is engaged…As women  over 50 we my be completely unaware that our glutes are asleep and therefore not doing the job of supporting the rest of our body in the way they were designed to do. So if you are serious about fitness over 50 and creating a strong and healthy body, there are a few things you must know first.

3 Muscles That Make Up Our Butt And We Call Then The GLUTES.

major muscles

These days we sit so much that our glute muscles can become weak and disengaged from inactivity, which means they need waking up!

We need strong glutes for so many things like our posture, proper weight distribution and for vanity reasons, they help lift our butt…..

If your glutes are weak….. they can cause other problems like back pain, decreased mobility, and knee problems.

They are an important group of muscles but its easy to forget about them

So if you would like to see if your glues are engaged or disengaged  I have a test you can do:

take the glute test

Stand with your feet straight ahead and make sure your body is relaxed – your thighs and stomach and upper body are relaxed – and squeeze you glutes

many people have trouble finding their glutes, but they are there so you can touch to feel where the muscle is…

Some of you may find this difficult to get a strong contraction and some of you may have not felt anything much at all…

If you were able to feel a strong contraction that awesome – but you can try this too…

This time Stand with your feet at 45 degree angle and relax body and squeeze your glutes

You probably noticed you felt a stronger contraction…

Here are two exercises you can do to engage and activate your glutes. 

First one is the same as the test,

  • Stand with your feet pointed straight and hip width apart
  • keep your stomach and thighs relaxed.

Squeeze and release your buttocks muscles (and you can touch here)

If it is difficult you can have your feet at the 45 degree angle

  • Repeat 10-30 times
glutes test

The second exercise is lying glue contractions

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor pointed straight ahead
  • arms by your side, keep your stomach muscles relaxed
  • Squeeze and release your glute muscles and remember to keep your stomach relaxed
  • Repeat 10- 30 times

These exercises might not feel likeyou’re doing much but I assure you, you are making your glutes much stronger


Stick with these exercises as the glutes respond really well and you should start feeling them get stronger and noticing a difference really quickly.

Once glutes are activated and a bit stronger you can do even more difficult exercises for your butt.

Doing his alone will make a huge difference for women over 50, s it ‘s your job to do everything you can stay healthy and live longer.

Watch this Glue Test video in YouTube.

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Until the next post. BE FABULOUS!

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