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Welcome to Fabulous 50s! My name is Schellea and I’m so glad you’re here.

Fabulous 50s is a platform designed to help women over 50 fall in love with themselves. As an energetic 50-something-year-old myself, I truly believe that 50+ can be the best time of our lives! Through Fabulous 50s, I share fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle tips to help women get inspired and stay motivated.

I hope you stick around and join the Fabulous 50s community!

Fall In Love With Your Fabulous Self Again!

Welcome to the Fabulous50s community! This is a sanctuary; a haven for women over 50 like yourself to rediscover their inner goddess.

Being a 50-something-year-old myself, I’ve wrestled with the idea of getting older, and I’m sure you have too! Thanks to society’s warped view of aging, the way we perceive ourselves as women has been tainted by unrealistic expectations and archaic beliefs.

Now, we’ve forgotten how truly radiant and sensual we become as we mature, just as a fine wine becomes more delicious. But, no more!

Feeling Fabulous Since My 50s

After tearing through the absurd societal labels, I’ve finally seen myself for what I am – a bubbly, blonde goddess bursting with grace, attitude and sultry seduction. I’ve learnt how to highlight my natural radiance, treat my body like a temple, and transform my insecurities. And I’m here to help you do the same.

Here, I share my fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health tips for women over 50 to help you fall in love with yourself again!

Finding Your Fabulous

In my blog and videos, you’ll find all my tried and tested tips for women over 50. Covering everything from fitness to fashion, health, beauty, lifestyle and nutrition, you’ll learn how to reveal your radiance and revel in it.

Fitness Tips

After doing the research and enjoying the results, I’ve found the best exercises for women over 50 to keep their bodies tight and tantalising! Using step-by-step instructions with pictures and 3-30 minute home workout videos, you’ll be strutting your sexy stuff in no time.

Fashion Tips

Whether it’s dressing for your body type, looking slimmer in photos, or dressing younger, my tips and tricks will teach you everything women over 50 need to know.

Beauty Tips

Learn all the do’s and don’ts, makeup mistakes, tips, tricks, and tutorials that all women over 50 should know! Here, you’ll find out how to accentuate what you’ve got and hide what you hate.

Lifestyle Tips

From finding your feminine energy to menopause miracles and more, rediscover how to live fully with my lifestyle tips for women over 50s.

Health Tips

My health tips help women over 50 to understand the true meaning of holistic health and wellness. From weight loss to nutrition, I’ll teach you how to treat your body like the temple it is!



Free And Fabulous Workout Plan

Take advantage of my free 7-day challenge workout plan! It’s designed to get mature women moving and feeling fit, fabulous and foxy in everything. It’s doable, but challenging!

Free And Fabulous eBooks

My Guide To Meditation

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with the stress and daily strains caused by modern life. Enter my Meditation Guide For Beginners! It’ll teach you how to relax and reconnect with your deep, abiding inner core of calm and serenity. Subscribe to Fabulous50s to enjoy this gift!

Stay Younger Longer

Join our community to get your hands on this eBook immediately! In it, you’ll learn exactly how to stay younger for longer – mind, body, and soul.

In this community, you’ll learn how to take your first step towards your own fabulous 50s. Using my fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health tips for women over 50, I’ll keep you inspired and motivated to live your best life! Join us and begin your journey to self-love.

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