Schellea Fowler is an energetic 50 something year old who is passionate about health, beauty, wellness and happiness. Schellea has created Fabulous 50s as a platform where women can go to for inspiration, motivation and gratitude about life in their 50s and beyond.

Schellea believes 50+ is an age where a woman is able to become her true self, honour who she is and express all the beauty and vitality she embodies. It is this principal that inspired Schellea to launch Fabulous 50s to show women in their 50s how they can ‘smash it’ when it comes to all things beauty, style and life.

Through Fabulous 50s, Schellea shares the tips and tricks she’s learned (and is still learning!) so that women in their 50s (and more) are empowered to embrace all the great things that reaching the 50 has to offer. On Fabulous 50s, viewers don’t just have to take Schellea’s word for it, because she uses her amazing networking and research skills to harvest the expertise of a range of health, wellness and beauty professionals.

Schellea’s aim is to provide encouragement and inspiration for a positive mindset, so that women can creating new habits and positive beliefs about themselves for a more compelling future and zest for life.

With a focus on vitality, self-esteem, self-love and living life, Schellea posts regular videos and content to help women feel good about this chapter in their life… and feel better after watching a video than they did before!

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